Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up ~chickens, sick babies and a vacation

This week has been a long one. My three youngest children have come down with what seems to be a 24 hour bug. You know, the kind of bug that requires everything in their tiny bodies to exit both ends?? Yes, that delightful little bug has setup shop in my home. I'm hoping he leaves soon.

On the upside I did get some good news about my chickens. Here's the story..
About a month ago Max started asking for chickens. I figured, why not? So we traveled an hour away to a Rural King that had chicks in stock. He was all too happy to carry his little box of 6 chicks to the van and hold most of them on the way home.

We bought feed, bedding, a heating lamp and a container I thought was big enough to house them for a few weeks. I was wrong about the container. They were jumping out of it within a few days, which normally I wouldn't mind. The kids take them out of the cage all the time to play with them.

The problem is the dogs. The three dogs. Radar is great with them, he's an American Staffordshire Terrier. He just sits and watches and lets the chickens walk on him. The other two (Puggles) aren't so obliging. Anyway, once the chicks started jumping out, we put them in a dog cage and there they've been for a few weeks.
It occurred to me about a week ago that I hadn't exactly checked with my HOA for the chicken policy. I figured there was one, I was just hoping it wasn't a restrictive one. I checked the covenants and bylaws today and I'm super happy to say that as long as they aren't being kept for commercial purposes we can keep them!!! Yay! I was really looking forward to the fresh eggs and the thought of all the time and money they've taken being thrown to the wind wasn't exactly pleasing. Now onto a coop!!!

In other news (in a news lady tone), I previously told you about me going to the Teach Them Diligently Convention later this week. I had originally planned to go without the kids but in an unforeseen series of events, all of them are now going with me. Smile. I've decided to make it a family vacation and tack on an extra day and a few more sight seeing activities. I'm actually really excited about it. We're gonna have a great time. I know I just called it a family vacation but Daddy won't be with us. It won't be a whole family vacation but at least one the kids will enjoy.

Here's hoping this upcoming week bring warmer weather and less vomiting!!


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